Announcing the PR and Social Media Working Group

06/11/18 12:00

Board Member, IBF

Chris McClure

Board Member, IBF

The brand of Iceland within the Blockchain/Cryptocurrency space is uniquely positioned. Whether it’s the long history of bitcoin and crypto-mining to being the home of one of the first Airdrops in the history of cryptocurrencies (i.e., Auroracoin), the international enthusiasm and interest in the Icelandic blockchain community is enormously high.

The Icelandic Blockchain Foundation (Rafmyntaráð) is a member-driven organization, striving to make Iceland the leader in cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption & innovation, with significant emphasis on community, advocacy, and education. As such, we look to the community for work-support and assistance in accelerating the greater goals and mission. The assistance and work by the community, as a community-driven organization, is of critical necessity.

The newly establish Working Groups are focused around topics of significant interest in the community, including Auroracoin, Bitcoin, Mining, Legislation, Education, Community Engagement, Trading, and — within the confines of this post — Public Relations and Social Media.

Introducing the PR and Social Media Working Group

Led by myself (Chris McClure) and IBF’s Managing Director (Kristján Ingi Mikaelsson), the group is now being established as an official working group within IBF to:

  • Oversee public and media outreach, both domestic and international;
  • Manage the public-facing brand and overall Public Relations strategy;
  • Manage social media campaigns and global-facing interactions;
  • Bring into the focus blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, companies, and initiatives originating from Iceland through content creation, blog posts, and marketing/PR campaigns.

How you can help?

If you are enthusiastic about the mission of IBF, have experience in public relations, branding or social media campaigns, and, ideally, are a member of the Foundation, please reach out to myself at to learn more about getting involved. Whatever your experience or interest, we would be grateful to have your support, time and visions.

Depending on the magnitude and variety of interest, IBF will host a meetup to formally launch the PR and Social Working Group.